Welcome to the personal site of the developer known as ZedanDredal.

About me:

I work in different programming languages, once upon a time I worked with Basic, Assembly, Python and wrote various applications, but I already forgot that.
Occasionally I write some plugins and modules in Python.

I work with PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL, MySQLI, Sqlite.

My main focus is web programming, Web sites, Web design, web applications, web programs.
At a high level.

I began to be interested in programming in the distant past.
In 2008 I started developing my CMS, Now I have, about a few dozen web applications I have developed, of which many are open source. At the moment I'm working on the development of a lot of functional web application MWE-CMS, In the decoding it's Magma web-engine, with this work you can get acquainted on the forum.

Also on my site you can track my work, but most of them are on the forum mhwh.ru.

Thank you for visiting my site.